Three times Mickey showed Ian 'how he fuckin feels' and the one time he couldn’t bring himself to.

"Ian’s dick was in your dad’s mouth?!"


favourites of 2013

→ male characters  | mickey milkovich (shameless u.s.)

fuck off. i’m fucked for life, anyway


Shameless Season 4 (2014)


at least it’s chocolate…

You’re Fiona Gallagher. You can do anything you set your mind to. You got your GED, you’ve been raising a family of six since you were fifteen years old. You’re a rockstar.

shameless (us) season 3 rewind - fiona in every ep. | 3x08

"i realize you’ve had sketchy parental role models, okay, but as your newly appointed guardian, can we agree that offing people is not cool, can we get on the same page with that?"

t h e m e